Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Santa Ana River Jetties is the most consistent spot in Newport. If Huntington looks flat, go check River Jetties because there's almost always something to ride. River Jetties is, however, extremely varied in shape and depends on the contour of the sandbars. Lefts tend to be fast and predominant during south swells and can turn hollow on a light offshore wind. Westerly winds easily blow out the spot. In winter, the break is far peakier. Steep peaks are found on the right tide, but if you don't surf the spot regularly, the chances of a great day are slim.

Because River Jetties is a fast shortboard wave, you tend to get aggressive crowds. It's one of the few breaks in the city where you don't have hoards of beginners swarming the peaks. If you can lay down a solid turn, you're welcome out there.
-- Blair Mathieson


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