Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland
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Welcome to Lake Arrowhead Country Club...

For this is a place where bald eagles glide over fairways shouldered by towering sugar pines and incense cedars. Where you can stop and listen to the cool winds in the lofty trees, the lapping of clear water, the superb silence of serenity.

The club of choice for discerning golfers for over 40 years, LACC is a fully appointed facility with a magnificent tennis venue and beautifully situated swimming pool and aquatic deck.

Less than two hours from Los Angeles, San Diego or Palm Springs; Lake Arrowhead Country Club is a mile high oasis of pleasure for avid golfers, enthusiastic tennis players and busy families looking for a relaxing escape from the heat and humdrum of life "down-below". To visit once is to want to stay forever.

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